Machinery built by
Systems Technology of Virginia
Individual Projects Include:
  • Military Components Assembly
  • Candle Wick Trimming
  • Medical Device Assembly
  • Leak Testing on Medical and Automotive products
  • Continuous Laminating Machinery
  • Adhesive Foam Pad Dispensing and Placement
  • Custom Tools and fixtures
  • Punch and Die Tooling for Aluminum, Steel, & Plastics
  • Level Winding Machinery
  • Winding Machinery with Automatic Tension Control
  • Plastic Pulltrusion/Extrusion processing machinery
  • Automated Drilling Machinery
  • Automated Saws with Programmable Stops
  • Automated Stapling Systems
  • Robot Assembly and Material Handling Systems
  • Cartesian Robotic Machinery
  • Brake Booster Assembly
  • Automatic Weight and Dispensing Systems
  • Automotive Seal Trimming Machinery
  • Door Assembly
  • Custom Milling and Machining Systems
  • Hydraulic Pneumatic and Servo driven Machinery
  • Screw/Nut Torque and Data collection systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Many other types of Machinery
Past projects include Machinery and Tooling
designed and built  for the following Industries:
Plastics processing
Consumer products
Window and Housing
Individual Entrepreneurs